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About sikkertrafik.dk

Sikkertrafik.dk (Safe Traffic) is a portal to the area of road safety and traffic education. It forms a general view of the area offering information from the municipalities, the Danish Road Safety Council and a range of different actors within this field.

Here you can find information about the work to increase road safety: What is going on nationally and locally, and who’s doing it?

You can gain knowledge about road safety, ask questions and get good advice.

Who is sikkertrafik.dk aimed at?

Sikkertrafik.dk is for everyone who wants information on road safety. For both citizens, and for people who work professionally with the field of road safety.

Editorial staff

Sikkertrafik.dk is run by the Danish Road Safety Council. The editorial staff consists of Council employees who produce a large amount of the content of the portal. Other actors in the field of road safety are encouraged to use sikkertrafik.dk as a channel of communication.

Editorial aim

With sikkertrafik.dk we are aiming at creating a portal for discussion and sharing of knowledge about road safety. The portals main focus is on road sense and behaviour - but it is also a guide to information on road safety in general.

We will inform the public on tendencies, news and facts on the field of road safety. We will work to make sikkertrafik.dk a forum for an active debate, where qualified opinions and standpoints can take part.

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